The Best Commercial Log Splitter, According to 1,500+ Customer Reviews

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A good commercial log splitter isn’t just a necessary tool for those who cut firewood for a living; these machines are also handy for farmers or homeowners who use a lot of wood every winter. Most commercial log splitters have the capacity to split larger logs faster than traditional log splitters. A powerful splitter can even tackle logs that are two feet in diameter with ease.

best commercial log splitter
Commercial log splitters have the splitting force to tackle massive pieces of wood

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The main difference between a residential log splitter and a commercial log splitter is the splitting force. Commercial log splitters generally have 25 or more tons of splitting capacity. However, there are more factors to consider than just the splitting capacity when looking to buy a commercial log splitter.

These include the type of power it has, the cutting position, and whether it’s transportable, to name a few. In addition, whether or not it comes with a log lift is also an important factor to consider in order to save the user from having to repeatedly lift heavy logs onto the machine. Our buying guide below can help point you in the right direction.

Best Commercial Log Splitters—Buying Guide

There are several types of commercial log splitting machines available on the market that allow businesses and professionals to quickly split large amounts of wood. Some common brands for log splitters for commercial use include makes like Dirty Hand Tools, Ruggedmade Splitters, Tractor Supply Co., and NorthStar (although none of the Dirty Hand Tools or Ruggedmade Splitter options made it to our list of the top machines this time around).

Types of Commercial Log Splitters

Below we cover some of the most common splitters and what they are most useful for. 

Horizontal Position Splitters

Horizontal splitters are by far the most common commercial log splitters used in commercial settings. This type of commercial splitter cradles logs in a horizontal splitting position which means that logs must be lifted onto the machine making this model less useful for larger logs unless it comes with a log lift, which, thankfully, most do. A log lift helps move the heavier pieces of wood onto the cutting area.

Vertical Splitting Machines

Vertical splitters are designed to be used with heavy logs. Their design keeps heavy logs closer to the ground to avoid users having to lift them. Since they require more power, the models usually have a gas engine. Most vertical splitting machines also come with log lifts and log cradles that help lift and hold heavier logs in the cutting area.

Electric Log Splitters

Electric log splitters are one of the easiest log splitters to use. Users simply have to place the piece of wood in the log cradle, press a button, and the machine will split the wood in half. The added benefit of using an electric splitter is that these models require very little maintenance and don’t produce fumes as a gas engine log splitter does.

Gas Splitters

Most commercial-grade splitters are gas-powered and have more splitting force than other wood splitters. They have greater power and can handle a larger log capacity, split large logs faster than other splitters, and, due to their wheeled design, can be towed for easier portability around a worksite.

Half-Beam Log Splitter

A half-beam log splitter is smaller than a full-beam splitter, but that doesn’t mean it has less splitting power. The main differences are in the shorter beam length location of the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic components. 

Full-Beam Log Splitters

Besides those mentioned above, the only real difference between a half-beam and full beam log splitter is in the stability a full-beam splitter provides when towed. This makes this version more popular with professionals who need to haul their log splitters to different locations.

Kinetic Splitters

Kinetic splitters can split logs much faster than hydraulic splitters—usually at under three seconds. These tools use kinetic energy to split wood where energy is stored within the flywheel system. This reduces the need for hydraulic parts and thereby the maintenance that comes with a hydraulic machine.

Hydraulic Splitters

Hydraulic splitters use pressurized fluids to power wood splitting machines. They do require more maintenance than kinetic machines but are still the most common wood cutting machines available.

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Commercial Log Splitter 2022

Our top picks for the best commercial log splitter for professionals and businesses, or anyone who needs a professional-grade machine for home use are below.

Best Commercial Log Splitters: Tractor Supply Co. 40-Ton Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Electric Log Splitter: Boss Industrial Commercial Log Splitter with Electric Start | Buy Now

Best Gas Log Splitter: Power King Commercial Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Commercial-Grade Log Splitters for Large Logs: NorthStar Commercial Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Wood Splitter for Horizontal or Vertical Position Splitting: XtremePowerUS Commercial Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Commercial Kinetic Splitters: DK2 40-Ton Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Heavy-Duty Commercial Log Splitter: NorthStar Commercial Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Compact Commercial Log Splitter: Performance Built 27-Ton Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Full Beam Commercial Log Splitter: YardMax Commercial Log Splitter | Buy Now

Best Tow Hitch Log Splitter: Tractor Supply Co. Commercial Log Splitter | Buy Now

Read on to find out more information on each of these best commercial log splitters and why hundreds of customers chose to buy them.

*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US$ on and other online retailers as of March 2022

1. Best Commercial Log Splitter—Tractor Supply Co. 40-Ton Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

Most splitters—even commercial-grade machines—aren’t built to handle dense, knotted, or difficult logs, as well as this Tractor Supply Co. log splitter.

It is one of the larger splitters available with its 40-ton log capacity and its massive 18-inch tires provide easy transportation. It has a 9.5-second cycle time which means a faster splitting process and it has both horizontal and vertical positions for more versatility when splitting wood.

“This splitter is a beast,” raved one enthusiastic buyer. “It splits like a dream. Never owned one like this one, and I have been in the wood business my whole life.”


Splitting force: 40 tons

Log Diameter: 36 inches

Log Length: 26 inches

BUY NOW: US$2,699.99, Tractor Supply Co.

2. Best Electric Log Splitter—Boss Commercial Log Splitter with Electric Start

best commercial log splitter

The full-beam design of this log splitter from Boss can handle logs cut from softer woods. For anyone on a budget who needs a compact and lightweight machine to split wood, this 121-pound machine is just the ticket. 

Its horizontal operation can handle logs over 20 inches long, and its easy push-button electric start means no more arduous manual starts and more time getting the job done. 

One happy shopper explained that they “used a high-rated extension and made sure it had the required amperage,” and went on to do “five hours of splitting and stacking” with this machine. “It did a great job,” they wrote. “Very happy with this splitter.”


Splitting force: 7-tons

Log Diameter: 10 inches

Log Length: 20.5 inches

BUY NOW: US$595.06, The Home Depot

3. Best Gas Log Splitter—Power King Gas Splitter Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

As one of the speediest wood splitters around, this Power King 42-ton kinetic gas log splitter can chop up those logs six times quicker than a hydraulic splitter can, getting the task done in a fraction of the time.

Its three-second cycle time is due to its hardware, which includes a cast-iron cylinder sleeve, fuel filters, and excellent fuel consumption. This machine features a folding hitch option, an auto-braking system, and all-terrain tires for optimal portability. 

“It is powerful and fast,” reported one satisfied purchaser. “I really like the shelf to catch each split piece and eliminate bending over every time.”


Splitting force: 42 tons

Log Diameter: 23 inches

Log Length: 21 inches

BUY NOW: US$2,899, The Home Depot

4. Best Commercial-Grade Log Splitters for Large Logs—NorthStar Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

Boasting a powerful Honda engine and many impressive features, this wood splitter from NorthStar can split logs that are two feet in diameter, making it potentially possible to split more than one log at a time.

It has horizontal splitting capabilities, a 14-second cycle time, and a hydraulic log lift with a maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds. In addition, the log cradle stops split logs from falling off the machine once separated. 

One happy customer explained that they have been left impressed with this log splitter’s overall design, engineering, and functionality, and wrote, “I have been splitting both Walnut and Maple, several pieces with large knots, and the splitter has not been stopped yet.”


Splitting force: 42 tons

Log Diameter: 24 inches

Log Length: 31 inches

BUY NOW: US$11,499.99, Northern Tool

5. Best Wood Splitter for Horizontal or Vertical Position Splitting—XtremePowerUS Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

Who needs an ax to split falling logs when there’s this commercial-grade splitter from XtremePowerUS? Logs can be split vertically as well as horizontally rather quickly with this machine thanks to its 13-second cycle time. 

Vertical operation reduces the need to lift large and heavy logs and reduces user fatigue and back pain, while horizontal splitting makes this machine versatile enough to also handle lighter and smaller logs too.

This tool has a 90-day returnable guarantee and a two-year warranty if used residentially. It weighs a mere 469 pounds and comes with large wheels for easy portability, a two-inch hitch coupler, a recoil start, and it is CARB compliant.


Splitting force: 25 tons

Log Diameter: 25 inches

Log Length: 25.50 inches

BUY NOW: US$2,565, The Home Depot

6. Best Kinetic Commercial Splitters—DK2 Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

This DK2 log splitter has the fastest cycle time of just about any other similar machine in just one second. This kinetic log lift doesn't need a flat surface to blast through logs quickly and efficiently—it will work just as well on any terrain.

It has a large steel worktable that comes in extremely handy as you work, and an eight-inch steel wedge with the option to expand the stand for added sturdiness.

One satisfied consumer commented, “I'm very pleased with the cycle time and the power. I split oak and ash with no problems. The table is a great feature, so you don't have to bend over to pick the wood up every time you split it.”


Splitting force: 40-ton

Log Diameter: 22 inches

Log Length: 22 inches

BUY NOW: US$2,797.99, The Home Depot

7. Best Heavy-Duty Commercial Log Splitter—NorthStar Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

The log capacity of this commercial-grade log splitter from NorthStar can easily handle heavy-duty splitting. The unit comes with a hydraulic log lift, and, while it doesn’t have vertical splitting capabilities, the log lift takes the back-breaking work out of lifting heavier logs. 

The hydraulic pump intuitively knows when it’s splitting a log and modifies its capabilities, while the hydraulic fluid keeps the machine cool for more efficient operation.

“This unit is heavy-duty,” expressed one buyer. “It's ready to go. Just add oil to the engine. The ram travel is a little slow, but I added a four-way wedge, and this thing has to be four to five times faster than my 27-ton splitter.”


Splitting force: 37 tons

Log Diameter: 24 inches

Log Length: 31 inches

BUY NOW: US$5,899.99, Northern Tool

8. Best Compact Commercial Log Splitters—Performance Built Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

The sheer price and size of most of the commercial log splitters available can seem daunting for anyone who is just starting out in the business or who needs one for lighter use, but there just so happens to be a great compact splitter for anyone with minimal storage space and a tighter budget—this 27-ton Performance Built model.

This log splitter measures just 91 inches long and 51 inches wide, and, though it is one of the smaller commercial splitters on the market, its Briggs & Stratton engine still delivers plenty of power, and the ability to cut in both vertical and horizontal positions. 

It’s an excellent investment for anyone needing to use it to stock up on firewood, but one customer who praised how it starts and runs explained that this splitter easily keeps up with their 20-ton splitter. They also helpfully suggested leveling it “on a slope to keep hydraulic oil from running out.”


Splitting force: 27 tons

Log Diameter: 20 inches

Log Length: 26 inches

BUY NOW: US$1,599, Lowe’s

9. Best Full Beam Commercial Log Splitter—YardMax Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

Anyone needing to split logs that are three feet in diameter needn't look further than this YardMax splitter. The full-beam design of this splitter runs on hydraulic fluid, and the air-cooled, four-stroke features extend the engine life of this model. 

It has horizontal positioning for medium to large wood and is also a vertical splitter for heavier pieces of wood. 

“As for splitting, we were so amazed at how it splits the oak logs like butter,” explained one purchaser. “We did about four cords of wood for our first use, and it only slowed down on one log, and when we saw it had split right through a huge knot, we were amazed.”


Splitting force: 25 tons

Log Diameter: 36 inches

Log Length: 26 inches

BUY NOW: US$1,098.91, The Home Depot

10. Best Tow Hitch Log Splitter—Tractor Supply Co. Commercial Log Splitter

best commercial log splitter

This Tractor Supply Co. machine delivers the power to easily split even the largest logs. It has a vertical position for heavier logs and a horizontal position for splitting logs that are smaller and less dense. 

The cycle time of this industrial wood splitter is a mere 10.5 seconds, and it comes with a log catcher to reduce bending. What’s more, this model comes with 16-inch pneumatic tires that make transporting this almost 600-pound machine easier.

“Very powerful splitter, with a strong Kohler engine,” reported one reviewer. “The engine starts on the first pull each time I used it. Have about 5.5 hours total time. Split only oak and hackberry wood so far, but no problem for this machine.”


Splitting force: 30-ton

Log Diameter: 36 inches

Log Length: 26 inches

BUY NOW: US$2,099, Tractor Supply Co.

The Best Commercial Log Splitter—Summary

Anyone on a budget that still wants a commercial-grade machine will appreciate the three-foot diameter log splitting capabilities of the YardMax Splitter (US$1,098.91, The Home Depot). Professionals that need speed, as well as precision, will likely find that the kinetic DK2 powerful commercial log splitter (US$2,797.99, The Home Depot) is ideal.

We hope our review of the best commercial log splitter has been helpful and you found the best log splitter for your needs. For more suppliers of related products, including seeders, power rakes, rollers, and mulchers, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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