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What is Inventory? Keeping, Maintaining, and Managing Inventory Risk for Companies

Properly managed inventory is crucial for ensuring smooth, efficient business operations. Read more

How to Get UL Certification

This article explains what UL certification is and gives you steps on how to get it for your business or product. Read more

What Is Reshoring, and Why Do Companies Reshore?

Although offshoring often reduces an organization’s labor costs, several factors make reshoring appealing. Read more

How to Obtain a Veteran Owned Business Certification

This article reviewed the different certification options that are available for veteran-owned businesses and provided information on eligibility and how to pursue them. Read more

The Ultimate Sourcing Guide: How to Evaluate Suppliers on®

Learn how to efficiently compare suppliers and conduct supplier evaluations on to help find the best manufacturer for your job. Read more

The Ultimate Sourcing Guide: How to Search for Suppliers on®

Learn how to find suppliers on We feature advanced search filters, structured company data, and more unique options to help you find qualified suppliers. Read more

The Ultimate Sourcing Guide: How to Connect With Suppliers on®

Learn how to contact suppliers on We offer options to easily submit RFIs and RFQs to one or multiple suppliers at once. Read more

How to Find a Manufacturer for Your Product in the USA

In this supplier sourcing guide we discuss local sourcing vs. global sourcing, how to find a manufacturer in the US, and how to make your product a reality. Read more

5 Key Factors to Consider When Conducting a Supplier Evaluation

Supplier evaluation criteria: A look at the key factors in conducting a successful supplier and vendor evaluation, and methods of supplier appraisal. Read more

What is Smart Procurement? Definition, Applications, and How to Implement

Dig into the details on what smart procurement is, what it can accomplish in procurement, and best practices on adopting smart procurement in your company. Read more