7 Industry Updates You Need to Know This Week [60-second Read]

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Oranges infected with citrus greening

1. Emergent Prepares for "Future Non-pandemic Work" with $100 Million Manufacturing Upgrade 

CEO Robert Kramer disclosed that maintenance at the plant in the city's Bayview neighborhood is already underway, and production is expected to resume late in the second quarter of the year.

2. 3M to Invest $165 Million to Improve Water Quality at Minnesota Plant

“3M continues to proactively evolve our manufacturing capabilities to better serve our customers, enhance our ability to deliver science at scale, and advance our commitment to environmental stewardship," 3M Chairman and CEO Mike Roman said. "This investment in Cottage Grove is another example of how 3M invests in and partners with the communities in which we operate."

3. Elevator Pitch Examples for Entrepreneurs

It’s both equally exciting and terrifying to start your own business, but what’s ultimately going to propel your business forward is a successful company pitch. Whether you’re hoping to hire someone new or attract a client or investor, this short spiel should clearly illustrate your purpose within the industry as well as promote the expertise of your company.  

4. Researchers Discover Possible Answer to "Incurable" Citrus Greening Disease

As the main OJ source in America — and a consumer favorite since Florida’s beverage is made from real juice and not concentrate — this crop decline will surely be felt by consumers due to increased prices and supply shortages.

5. Retrofitted Tesla Travels 752 Miles on Single Charge with Startup's Battery Prototype [Video]

Led by BMW i Ventures, ONE has raised $65 million in a new funding round. The company also announced contracts with four customers that add up to 25 GWh of energy storage capacity to be fulfilled across the next five years. According to ONE, this equals 300,000 battery packs for electric vehicles. 

6. Xometry Powers the World's Largest Digital Manufacturing Marketplace with AI

“What Xometry has done for digital manufacturing is almost like what Amazon has done for retail or Airbnb has done for lodging,” says Greg Paulsen, director of application engineering at Xometry.

7. Industry 5.0 Is Coming: Here's What You Should Know 

Sources vary on when Industry 4.0 officially started, but sometime between 2011 and 2016, manufacturing was hit with a new wave of technological advancement brought by data, increasing automation, and the creation of smart machines and smart factories. We’re currently still experiencing a radical shift in how the internet connects machines — a shift that some are already calling Industry 5.0. 

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