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Steeped in history, Clarksville Foundry is one of the oldest foundries in America. With roots dating to 1847, this foundry withstood civil war, depression, recessions, technological changes and has adapted operations to protect the environment. This remarkable More... perseverance can be attributed to the owners’ strong desire to not merely survive – but thrive.Over the past century, four generations of the Foust family have owned and operated this enterprise in Clarksville, Tenn. The threads that run through this family’s ownership have been constant: High touch customer service is top priority. Product quality is paramount. Prompt deliveries are essential. Customers of Clarksville Foundry have proven to be loyal – and growing in numbers – due to proficient production of high-quality castings in low-to-medium sized quantities.Today, Clarksville Foundry blends industry knowledge, experience and current technologies to produce iron castings for customers’ most intricate designs, precise specifications and exacting quality criteria. Examples of capabilities customers appreciate:Specialty iron castings for high mix/low volume industrial applications.Flexible batch-size melting using a 400-kW furnace.Utilization of tilt, air set and loose pattern methods to pour castings weighing up to 1,200 pounds. Batch control for many different ferrous alloys, including ductile and gray iron, austenitic types and alloys that are heat-, abrasion- and corrosion-resistant.Spectrometer analysis on every pour characterizes the alloy's exact chemistry, which serves as a reliable indicator of the mechanical properties of the batch.In-house CAD modeling, 3D pattern printing and simulation technologies expedite manufacturing start times while reducing customer costs. In-house pattern shop helps meet project deadlines.Various heat treatments, such as annealing and stress relieving, optimize physical properties and machinability. Casting furnace and heat-treating furnace feature advanced process control and monitoring systems, with records maintained of all production data for reporting and future reference.In addition to industrial component castings, Clarksville Foundry produces castings for architectural and fine art applications, such as:Decorative stairs, railings, benches and bicycle racks.Historic architectural reproductions of building details, sometimes using lighter weight, lower cost aluminum.Sculptures and various art objects.Contact Clarksville Foundry directly to learn about the company’s iron casting capabilities or request a quote for an upcoming project. Less

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